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A Way Out
by Chad Laughlin

If I knew then what I know now,

Would I have shown my friends a way out?

A way out of mania,

A way out of depression,

A way out of pharmaceutical intervention,

A way to fuse focus with coherent intention,

A path of remembering how to live from the heart,

The place each and everyone of us orients from the start,

The way to think, breathe and live in harmony with nature,

Mixed up in a paradigm of controlled minds and irrational behaviors,

Instinctively we seek an antidote to detangle sticky tethers of duality,

Defining and refining a clear path to actuality,

Not to be fooled by false perceptions of our shared reality,

The way to a yoga mat,

The way to a martial arts class,

Would this have altered our tragic past?

A way to harness the ego rather than puff it larger,

A way to calm the mind, sit still and ponder,

I see their faces,

I see their smiles,

I see their glazed over expressions the last year of their human trials,

Masks worn to block their hearts from feeling anymore,

Born into a world of ignorance, ego glorification, trauma and horror,

There must be a way to not succumb to the trance of confusion,

A path away from junk food, getting drunk and self-sabotaging nutrition,

A golden path ripe with super foods, embodied movement and meditation,

A thoroughfare away from suicidal tendencies, thoughts of killing and self-destruction,

Keys to unlock our highest potential for the benefit of all humans,

We all carry these keys of transformation,

Blueprints of the sacred masculine and the divine feminine,

If you’re reading this now,

I want you to know,

There was a way out,

Dylan and Eric wandered astray in their egos,

Walled off from feeling,

Trapped in duality,

Few paths were open to us for true healing,

So many of us shocked into years of grieving,

The most potent way to live in this reality,

To nurture our creativity,

Is to learn to master our emotions,

To corral our egoic minds,

To know the keys to harmony,

We safely navigate humanity’s oceans,

It is not possible for us to hurt others,

While we are seamlessly connected to father sky,

While we are deeply rooted into our Earth mother.

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