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Hearts on Earth
by Chad Laughlin

The path to the heart,

Remove the he and we’re left with art,

Is the she what we’re missing?

Grounded receptive femininity,

Place the h at the end and Earth is here,

Add an s to the end and she appears,

Hearts on Earth,

Earth with heart,

The first piece of us that forms once development starts,

How can there be so much suffering?

What is hidden from us?

What causes the cycles of pain?

So many places we look,

We see excessive illness,

We see incredible strain,

There must be an explanation of the cause,

Scientists postulate theory after theory,

But where is the proof?

How do we know what home looks like?

Through Hollywood’s magic wand?

Or through our own eyes and logic?

This is how we see what’s going on,

How do we know what healing is?

By popping pills and cutting out organs?

By ignoring the cause and chasing symptoms?

Let us start with a fresh perspective,

To see, comprehend and know the full spectrum,

Complete rebalancing only happens when we manifest ease,

Do you remember where we have the answers?

It’s easy – really,

In our heart center,

This is where we carry the keys,

We’re on this plane together,

Knowing this we all get better.

We are the masters of our own destiny,

Our senses have been muddled,

Now we see our calamity,

We must clarify our identity,

Centuries of deceptive maneuvering,

Persistent suggestive anchoring,

Who knew that hiding the heart,

Is the root of senseless tragedy?

What do we see with our own senses?

Repetitive cycles of evil deeds,

Met with a vengeance,

Learning life anew,

This is what we have to do,

As it goes we were not shown much truth,

So many facts we were never taught,

Tesla’s name was not uttered at school,

Not a mention of his genius thought,

Repetition of words written by war’s victors,

Truth conveniently ignored,

Replaced by a template to create chaos,

To achieve a fake world order,

The only way out is through,

The only way through is now,

Relax the shoulders,

Elongate the crown,

Strongly inhale,

Conjure up the tension,

Pause for a moment,

Exhale the stress out,

Breathe deeply into the Earth below,

Revive natural flow,

From this angle we invigorate spiritual growth,

Free the mind from murky clouds,

Let go of all lingering doubt,

Remembering who we are,

We know what life is about,

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