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Threads of Information
by Chad Laughlin

I have a confession to make,

The process never ends,

There is no closure,

Only infinite threads of information,

Emotions endlessly looping through our minds,

A resolution of fluidity each strand seeks with the divine,

Being well doesn’t necessarily mean we are happy,

Being happy doesn’t always mean we are well.

A glance at the news and it appears we live in hell,

We all have had days when we tucked our traumatic pasts away,

We must gather ourselves and get on with our day,

Hiding from the impact of senseless tragedies,

Avoiding the pain again and again,

Until all at once the suffering comes to a head,

Through the eyes of the needles we weave,

The mind dashes to grip the threads,

Does the heart receive what we conceive?

Entangled information seeks liberation,

Yearning for relief from polarizing manifestations,

Anguish and grief soak through our beds,

Watering tomorrow’s age of authenticity,

Guided by sharpened eyes of clarity,

We ride the wave of the age of information,

Awakening from a broken paradigm,

Of controlled minds and irrational behaviors,

There exists an effervescent river of thoughts and emotions,

Culminating along an alchemical vine,

Transforming towards graceful solutions,

Inherently we are steered towards this fine line,

Can we master looping information?

Will we harmonize our minds?

Moving closer to our hearts,

And less towards our heads,

No longer clinging to elusive threads,

We dissolve what we wrongly perceived as real,

We spark a remembering of our amazing abilities to heal,

Nourishing ourselves we enable us to safely feel,

Now we can actualize what is real,

Sewing seeds of harmony upon freshly tilled fields,

We plow a path for future generations to see the truth,

Guided by logical intuition and fundamental proofs,

Our grandchildren reap the harvest,

We grasp at the intangible,

Doing our best to sort the unimaginable,

We are not what we were before,

Innocence tested and molested,

Purity of life questioned,

Underneath blankets of misery,

We all carry keys to harmony,

Activating the healer within,

We write ourselves anew,

Knowing the big picture,

We bridge the paradigm of truth.


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